Ever seen an x-ray? They’re man’s secret weapon, allowing us to look further than ever before. That’s what Xray Footwear does for the world of shoes. We’re your secret weapon when it comes to putting your best foot forward.


When you pick a pair of shoes, you’re looking for one that will last. So are we. That’s why we specifically seek out materials that matter. From the highest-quality faux leather to the comfiest insoles on the market, we choose everything from heel with an eye on integrity. We want you to look great… and that starts with feeling good.


We’re not stuck in a shoebox. Some brands focus on boots, and some only do sneakers. Some, for some reason, only make waterproof clogs. Not Xray Footwear. You’ll find us at the forefront of every new fashion — as well as being on top of the classic silhouettes that a gentleman always needs in his closet. We’ve got boots and sneakers, alongside loafers, oxfords, and more… minus the clogs.


Everyone should be able to have cool shoes. It may not be in the Constitution, but it’s a part of our personal philosophy. That’s why we don’t overcharge for awesome — we keep our prices low, even though our quality is comparable to any brand with a bigger price tag. We believe in better footwear for everyone… especially those smart enough not to overpay.


As XRay continues to grow and evolve into new areas our mission remains the same — to look beneath the surface and reveal the extraordinary.