How To Reduce Creasing In Your Leather Shoes

A man’s shoes are the most understated tools in a guy’s style arsenal. The number of people who make shoe contact before they make eye contact is growing, so looking on point is a necessity!

There’s nothing worse than stepping out on the town and having more wrinkles on your shoes than your great-granny’s... While aging is beautiful, a plain old, beat-up pair of shoes is not the move. Your leather shoes are bound to crease, but there are ways to reduce excessive wrinkling.

Find out what causes the leather to wrinkle and how to make them look brand-new.

What Causes Leather to Crease?

If you find that your leather is creasing, it could be an indicator that something is wrong.. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is anything wrong with the leather itself. Check out these common components that could be the cause.

  • Fit:  Be sure to purchase the right size shoe. If your shoes are too large, then you are more likely to crease them due to flexing. Although ill-fitted shoes may cause more creasing, it doesn’t mean that well-fitted shoes will crease less. However, the creases will be less prominent in a properly sized shoe.

  • Style: The style and cut of a shoe may also cause wrinkles. Plain, cap toe shoes are more likely to crease than a semi or full brogue shoe. Plain shoes tend to crease more due to the shoe lasting process and tension at the upper.

    • Shoe Lasting: This is a process whereas a shoemaker wraps the leather around the mold to help give the shoe its shape. The less amount of time a shoe is lasted results in more loose space and more creasing to come.

    How To Reduce Wrinkling In Your Leather Shoes

    Use a shoe tree when you aren’t wearing your shoes, this will help the shoe retain its original shape and helps keep the leather tight. It will also stretch out any current creases.

    Another great method to help reduce the risk of more wrinkles is to utilize a shoe horn when putting on your shoes. The horn helps you to slip your feet in more easily and takes away the need to flex.

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