Trendy Sneakers To Wear To The Office

The oxford shoe has been getting the boot! Men are trading their wingtips for on-trend, comfy sneakers to get them through the workday. Smart, versatile, and reliable footwear is the name of the game! From leather uppers to suede and mixed media, the sneaker has earned a seat at the table and is ready to put its best foot forward like a boss!

We’ve curated the most stylish sneakers to pair with your work outfits from dressy denim to spiffy button-ups and trousers.

Shop the Guinea Sneaker

XRAY Footwear Guinea Sneaker

Shop the Hubert Sneaker

XRAY Footwear Hubert Sneaker

Shop the Ditchman Sneaker

XRAY Footwear Ditchman Sneaker

Shop the Aracar Sneaker

XRAY Footwear Aracar Sneaker

Shop the Penn Sneaker

XRAY Footwear Penn Sneaker

Shop the Gravity Sneaker


XRAY Footwear Gravity Sneaker

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